Patient Journey & Specialty Pathway Mapping
Product & Indication Assessments

Patient Journey & Specialty Pathway Mapping

Developing a patient journey is an important vehicle to map transactional decisions and layer the drivers, motivations, and emotions behind each decision. It is one of the most essential tools for a brand to uncover unmet patient and prescriber needs and to proactively address future leverage points for innovation, expansion or defense. Our team will provide you with an immersive background into your brand’s patient journey with implications for marketing, field sales and ultimately the patient at the forefront.

Product & Indication Assessments

An effective market assessment is an integral part of making informed decisions toward commercialization of a new product or indication. We partner with opinion leaders and large key account prescribers to uncover approval insights, usage opportunities and critical target product profiles to help inform these milestone investment decisions across new entities, 505(b)(2) and new routes of administration.

Campaign and Message Testing

We apply a strategic lens and customer application exercises to message and creative concept testing to enable brands and agency teams to confidently bring their work to life, with the confidence in insight-driven differentiated communication.

Hospital and Health System Immersion

Learn from key accounts that truly matter by immersing in community-based and academic hospitals and health systems. We leverage our unique network to partner within these accounts to uncover hospital pathways and decision making around product formulary, protocols, and usage patterns from all the critical stakeholders within the account.

Segmentation Analysis

A strong customer segmentation is one of the most important tools for a solid foundation and brand resourcing decisions. We’ll help determine the appropriate approach, segment sizing and help drive activation for segments of hospitals, physicians, and patients.

Customer Tracking Studies

Our customer tracking studies help our clients evaluate their brand awareness, trial and performance over time. They help drive performance, identify growth opportunities, measure effectiveness of marketing campaigns and messaging, track results by customer segments, and gauge receptivity to new market entrants.

Patient Support Modeling

We assess the approach and execution across patient support channels including educational materials, starter kits, samples, vouchers and savings programs. We test relevant tools with the nurses and other key account stakeholders that manage patient communication and reimbursement, and layer these qualitative insights with appropriate financial modeling.

Accelerator Research

We strive to dig deeper into brand performance drivers and barriers. We layer insights from adopters, non-adopters and internal stakeholders across headquarters and field sales teams to uncover immediate actionable opportunities to accelerate brand performance.

Segmentation Analysis
Patient Support Modeling

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